What is Spellcaster


For the XPrize Contest, 3DLV plans to develop a new “serious game,” SPELLCASTER, designed to teach dyslexic and low-literate adults how to read while having fun playing a game!  This smart phone/tablet app will seamlessly weave two educational disciplines, phonics and whole word (the 283 most commonly read words and symbols) with 3-D animation, voice navigation, and gamification. The goal is for a low-literate adult to teach himself to read in less than 150 days.

We are very pleased to announce that 3DLV has received a proposal from IBM and one of its gaming partners Hazardous Software, for the development of our smartphone/tablet app. They will use IBM’s Watson, Bluemix, Unity, iCloud and other platforms to develop a viable app for the XPrize competition.


Will Spellcaster Be Available for the General Public


The first goal of 3DLV’s Spellcaster project will be the funding of the development of the prototype app as our entry into the XPrize Competition. The competition will permit the fifteen XPrize semifinalist Teams and the five finalist Teams to test their literacy products by making them available to 800 “reading challenged” adults. Cash awards of $100,000, two $1 Million prizes, and a final prize of $3 Million are at stake for the five finalists in this Competition. 3DLV will use the proceeds of any XPrize Competition awards for additional testing and development of Spellcaster to provide a commercially available product that can be distributed to the general public.

In the event that 3DLV does not become a finalist in XPrize, testing of the prototype Spellcaster will be organized and managed by 3DLV and its associates with the same ultimate goal of fielding a commercially available product. The results of this study(s) will be publicized within various professional journals and among educators and schools to promote the teaching of “state-of-the-art,” affordable methods.
The data from these additional tests may also be made public in referred educational publications.